Candescent Box
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Ever wonder how you can go about to make your own candles? What types of materials are needed? How do I start? Come join us for a fun creative session! We invite you for 2.5 hours to make your very own beautiful soy candles, in a lovely environment while enjoying some snacks. Each workshop, you will learn all the steps, tricks and tips for how to make your own soy candles.

Candle making is a great hobby to pick up and you will be addicted to make more of your own candles!

All of our workshops include:
- All candle making materials
- Step by step instructions to create your own candles
- Delicious snacks and drinks
- Your new found skills!

Our workshops are usually conducted in smaller groups, minimum of 3 students for every session and maximum of 6 students.

Keep a lookout for our Workshop Dates and Locations on our social media platform - @candescentbox! (Instagram & Facebook)

If you have something different in mind - like Birthdays, Girl’s night, Bachelorette nights or a corporate event? Email us at with your ideas, we are more than happy to customise our Workshops at your suggested locations! :)